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Welcome to the wonderful and exciting world of Docas Hair Products. Our goal is to make women feel good about their hair and we all know if we feel good about our hair then we normally feel good about ourselves. We do this by supplying top quality genuine hair extensions at affordable prices, all backed up by quality after care service and products.

Feeling good about oneself in this way we call the “Docas Effect”.

Our products are sold through salons and the ”Friends Of Docas” network that sell to family, friends and colleagues. These agents receive a handsome discount on the product they sell providing a valuable second income that for some people becomes life changing.

For those of you that are already part of our network congratulations and keep up the good work, However if you are interested in what we do and would like to find out more about being part of our team then read on and you too could be on the way to generating extra income that will make a real difference to you and your family.

This opportunity is for everyone that knows they deserve better from life and is willing to commit to having a go. In fact commitment to having a real go at life and a passion to see your clients look their best is all that it takes for you to see some real positive changes in your life. So let’s get started and get you on the road to that dream future.

All Docas hair extensions are supplied in reusable containers because they are of such high quality we can use them over and over again so to keep it tip top condition when we are not wearing it we need a safe place to store them.

Then our after care product is designed to do just what it says it will do, the shampoo shampoos, no extra additives that may or may not enhance the hair. It removes the dirt and grime that builds up during the course of our busy lives, but it does it as gently as possible so as not to damage the hair and shorten its life. The conditioner conditions the hair by removing any leftover shampoo and then by adding a lubricant that promotes detangling leaving the hair perfectly ready to face another day

So you can see our goal of supplying top quality genuine hair extensions at affordable prices backed up by quality after care product and service is not a dream it is as real as the hair we supply. So if you know that you deserve a better future and are willing to spread the “Docas Effect” then call the number below and I will show you how.

Philip on 082 955 4881
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